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Bassassin - Artist Spotlight

Tyler Williams also known as Bassassin "The Bass Assassin' is 32 years old and resides in San Diego, California. Bassassin has been producing and DJ'ing for 9 years and counting! He's known for playing and producing bass music but often listens to San Diego and Atlanta rappers.

Fun fact about Bassassin, "DJ starscream was the first DJ I ever listened to and decided to switch from playing guitar to producing." As someone that also DJ's weddings and private events, he makes music for 'the never ending challenge of being a successful musician' and is truly dedicated to perfecting his craft.

His recent release 'Top Shelf' can be found on all his music platforms; & although he loves bass music, this one shows how he also dips into other genres.

Follow Bassassin below for more!

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