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BTRFLY Artist Spotlight

Introducing Aditi Soin aka BTRFLY. 24 years old and residing in Oceanside, California, Aditi has been DJ'ing for a bit over two years. Her interest in music blossomed as a child having played the piano, ukulele, and sang in choir. Learning she preferred working on the technical side of things she began working sound design and programming for her schools main stage productions.

When it comes to EDM, Aditi definitely considers herself a basshead. Still evolving her style, she likes to blend the sounds of trap, hard wave, and dnb to create her own sound. "I like to create a vibey but trippy experience that hits people's emotions while still being heavy and fun with occasional tempo changes."

Aditi has multiple inspirations for the stage name BTRFLY. "Took a while to land on this name but the growth of a butterfly always stood out to me and one of my favorite childhood memories is going to the Natural Bridges state park in Santa Cruz and watching butterflies come out. In February 2020 I worked with this really talented tattoo artist on a butterfly design for my arm and one of his designs he workshopped really stood out to me...and that really inspired the imagery of the BTRFLY project."

Music has always been a huge part of her life. Aditi describes creating songs and mixes as her way of communicating with the world. With inspirations such as Downpvck, the Spin and Destroy team, and continued support from the Wa$ted team, she is motivated to continue growing as an artist and make her dreams come to life!

Having recently played direct support for artists such as Bear Grillz, Al Ross, and Blunts & Blondes, BTRFLY has more shows lined up in 2022 that you can hear more about on her socials tagged below!

Having launched a new alias, The Mønarch, this past Halloween, the project features a dark blend of cyberpunk, synth wave, techno, and bass house that you can listen to here.

Follow BTRFLY below for more!

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