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Dashi - Artist Spotlight

Cristiano Vogrig, popularly known as Dashi, is 21 years old and from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In 2018, he received his first DJ controller but he never really took music serious until the start of the pandemic. Interestingly enough he started off making hip hop beats and transitioned into making EDM leaning towards house music.

Dashi's inspirations range from Dr. Dre in the hip hop realm to Flume in the EDM community. Flume's story inspired Dashi from the way he started forming his sound design to seeing his rapid growth. He remembers seeing Flume at Ottawa Blues fest in 2017 and that gave him drive to be up there someday.

Dashi usually produces house music but has slowly transitioned into making all genres of music because there is no limitation when it comes to music. His latest release “Drop The Top” with @djinfinitymix is out on all platforms and you can take a listen here!

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