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Jokr Artist Spotlight

Introducing Jon Galeja! Also known as Jokr, this melodic EDM artist has been DJ'ing and producing for two years. When asked, how did Jokr come to be, Galeja states, "When coming up with the Jokr alias, I wanted to incorporate a mask gimmick from the jump. I had such potential in other things in life (sports and several trades) I didn’t put my full effort into. And with music, I dedicated myself to making sure I never gave up, no matter how hard it gets. I asked my little sister for name ideas and she told me, 'do something that starts with the first letter of your name.' So, I decided “Joker”, obviously I had to change it up and that’s how Jokr came about."

Hailing from New York, he has a very diverse taste in music and gets his inspiration from artists such as Illenium and San Holo. "My favorite part has to be the fact that I have the freedom to tie my love for melodic EDM, and my childhood memories of playing string instruments in orchestra all throughout school and tying the 2 arts together, while making it express what the man under the mask is feeling. All my music is made deep from the heart, in hopes of touching others who listen." States, Galeja.

Having recently released two songs, 'Lose Myself' as well as 'Lonely Night,' Jokr has a new release dropping November 26th called 'Try' (Feat. Alex David). Deciding to quit sports, Jokr puts his all into music and you can support/follow him below!

Twitter @Jokrmusicreal

Instagram @Jokrmusicreal

TikTok @Jokrmusicreal

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