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Tito Burrito - Artist Spotlight

Introducing Jackson Lucier AKA Tito Burrito! Hailing from Southern NH, the 23 year old has been producing for about 5 years and his go to genres include anything bass related such as house, dubstep, trap, and so much more. On Spotify his music has been dubbed as 'Hyper Twitch'. His stage name was inspired by his high school nickname 'Tito' as well as by the events that transpired during his time participating in mock trail.

Tito Burrito is well versed and knows how music composition works; in college he was taught about Congeneric vs Extra-generic and how it plays when it comes to tugging at people's emotions or tying into a scene during a movie. He quickly fell in love with how both go hand in hand and play such a huge part in music.

He has released on Wicked Records and HypersleepSessions and has also just recently released a single for his RatPac Vol. 3 Compilation. By the end of this year he plans on finishing his long anticipated EP.

He has also been working on a website catered to music producers for the past couple of years and even has participated in the 2021 NH Holloway Business Proposal Competition and ended becoming a semi-finalist. His goal within the next year is to complete his website that helps new producers get an idea on where and how to start!

Keep up to date with all Tito Burrito has to offer here!

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